February 1, 2010

Post Test Questions

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1) Taking the test together was a different experience than I was used to. I think i gained a lot by taking the test together. Usually when I take a test and I miss a question I don’t get an immediate response. It can take days and sometimes work for a teacher to return a test, and therefore it takes a while for me to get any feedback. With this method I get immediate feedback and and can process why I missed the question, where as in the past I had forgot what I was thinking when I answered the question.

2) I used all the answers the group suggested.

3) No, I do not feel like my academic integrity was compromised. In the workplace working in groups is very important and it is a useful skill to have. Therefore developing this skill is a good thing to learn in college. If developing skills for the workplace is a key element of college, then working in groups should be an integral part of college.

4) I don’t think anyone was capitalizing on my knowledge, but rather a sharing of information was taking place. 

5) Using a collaborative method would not be beneficial if the test takers were getting certified for an important job. In this case, it is incredibly important that everyone knows the material to prevent possible disaster. 

6) We decided to work in group because we wanted to capitalize on everyones knowledge and maximizes our scores on the exam.

7) There were no rules, the classroom created the rules.